The Day I lost My Dogs

A couple of weeks ago we went out to the ranch for a day of fishing and just getting out of town. I decided that the dogs needed out of “dog jail” , AKA the kennel, where my once ranch dogs that roamed free have to live now that we are in town. We loaded up the buggy, Kobota in the horse trailer and off we went.

We arrived at the ranch made our way  to the dirt tank and commenced to fish. The dogs played in the water acting like small children then went off to explore. I never thought a thing of it because they always come back.

The day went on, we caught quite a few fish and with the likelihood of bad weather coming up we decided to leave in the late afternoon. Of course other then the faithful blue heeler, who never ventures far from his humans…the other dummies were nowhere to be found.

We looked, we called, we drove the roads out several times. All the while the clouds were coming in dark and low, swirling and well….all manner of things were going on up in the sky. After several lightening strikes and cloud rotation…we later learned of an actual tornado that blew a roof off of a barn and such as that, we decided the best thing to do was simply go home.

The next afternoon Hubby and I went back. We roared down muddy roads looking and calling. We saw tracks a big dog, Doberman, leaves big tracks, and little tracks, A part Beagle leaves little tracks. We found where they had been back to where we parked, been back to the dirt tank, they had been everywhere!  Now this ranch isn’t all that big, about 1,800 acres, but it is covered in hill ceder. And its rough! It was like looking for the needle in the haystack kinda deal.  We looked till almost dark and yes another storm was brewing.Pouring out dog food and throwing their bed in the horse trailer hoping they would get smart, find it and just wait there, we left for home.

I was tired. I was worried, I cuss those dogs daily. They dig up my flowers, they eat like horses, they are a huge pain in the hiney . But I hated the thought of them just wandering aimlessly looking for the humans they love so much who just abandoned them to the cruel world of mean coyotes and feral hogs.  Sleep eluded me.

The next morning I loaded up the blue heeler and left about sunup for one more try. I arrived at the ranch and low and behold…..It had rained yet again. The wind had blown the door shut to the trailer, and a big pile of dog food was just sitting there wet and smelly. No dogs, no tracks, no sign, no nothing. Badger and I loaded up in the buggy, water, phone, gun. We drove, we looked, we muddled through mud. We got hot, tired, and bitten by ceder flies. Those things are a plague from hell. No dogs.

By this time I had just about had it. I had done everything I knew to do. But had I……?

I thought well, maybe I should pray about it. Boy that was a super spiritual thought! So I found a nice place on a hill. Turned off the buggy and just sat awhile. It was nice it was quite. I never noticed till moving to town how precious quietness is and how much I crave it. The wind was barely blowing, rustling through the cedars. The bobwhite quail were calling and the occasional gobble of a turkey. I could see for miles. I felt peace come over me. Me and the Lord we had a talk. I had to do some repenting and confessing, and listening. I don’t listen often enough. Somehow I think the Lord needs my help on a lot of things and I tend to try and boss Him around. Well…let me tell you, it doesn’t work. And I don’t recommend trying it.

Finally I found myself praying for those dumb dogs. You know God really does care about all our needs, big and small. It went something like this…” Lord I have looked for 3 days. I have been all over this ranch. I know they are here, I have seen their tracks but I can’t find them. Now I know in the scheme of the world and all the bad things that are happening this is like a 3 on a scale of 1 to 10 but Lord you know we care about them. So if we care so do you. If you see every sparrow that falls then you know where those dogs are. Instead of me finding them, I ask if it is Your will they find me. Amen.”

I had a peace that you can only get from the Lord. I knew either way found or not found it would be alright.

I decided to go to the one place that I hadn’t been that day, a small dirt tank down by the wheat field. I had to buzz around water holes and make new roads through the brush avoiding the water holes, but finally I came out at the corrals. I hadn’t seen any tracks, new ones that is, all morning. Low and behold I looked down and saw a fresh massive dog track! And it had been recent. Driving down to the tank I beeped my little horn and called and called. Badger and I just sat by the water and waited. I was getting ready to turn around and check another place when I heard a huge splash! There was Gus! He didn’t even run around the tank, He jumped into it and swam across. An 80 pound dog makes a big splash! He was so happy to see us! He jumped into the back of the buggy where Badger quickly scolded him for his stupidity. Gus didn’t seem to mind. He was scratched and skinny and his feet were sore. But other then that he was fine. There was only one problem…Scamper wasn’t with him. I had a bad feeling about that because all the tracks that we had seen they had been together, until that morning. They are buddies and I knew if she wasn’t with him then it wasn’t good.

I started the buggy thinking I would check a few more places. I was driving down the road and all of a sudden this little black wet stinking furry thing flew into the front jumped onto the seat and got into my lap. Scamper! I couldn’t believe it! I was so happy I just burst into tears. I am not a burst into tears kinda person but occasionally it happens and it happened. I  was just so very very thankful. The Lord had answered my prayer. I prayed they would find me and they did.

You know lots of things are going on in our world. Non of it good. Our Nation seems to be crumbling right before our very eyes. Sometimes we feel that The Lord is very far away and distant that He never answers prayer. So we don’t pray. We don’t seek His face. We give up. But when we feel the most lost, the most helpless, the most depressed is when we need Him the most. We tend to focus of the big things we pray for. A new job. A new house. Cancer, heartache. But we never stop to think about the small things , which to the Lord are not small. But having food on the table, getting back from work safely and without accident. Having a warm home, or a cool one! It was 104 here yesterday! And I am very thankful for my AC! Whatever you are going through, whatever this nation is fixing to go through. Whatever comes our way. I know this God answers prayers. We just need to let go and let Him.

Happy Trails and God Bless












Weeping, Praying, and Standing

I love Bible study.

I like to know things. I like to remember that Gods word is alive today, just as it was yesterday and as it will be forever. There is a security in knowing that God never changes, neither does His word. We can trust it. We can depend on it. It will never lead us down the wrong path. It is and should be a constant in our lives. Can you say the same of people, of government?

Just in case you have been hiding under a rock somewhere you know that it is an election year. Yep it is. And an election year to end all election years. This is historic folks. This election may very well determine the future of this county. So get out from under your rock..if you are under one…and do your research and when the time comes exercise your right as a citizen of this county and go vote.

That is all I am gona say about that.

And having said that I am going to say this. I have started studying the book of Nehemiah. I love that book. Nehemiah was an awesome man of God. He did what he thought was right and it wasn’t easy. Did you know the name Nehemiah means, “The Lord has comforted.” I didn’t know that till today. Anyway,  reading the first chapter verse 4 we see Nehemiah sitting and weeping, sitting down was a sign of deep mourning.

” So it was when I heard these words, that I sat down and wept and mourned for many days: I was fasting and praying before the God of heaven.” NKJV

What was he weeping about and fasting about? He had just had word that the city of Jerusalem was in ruins as was the wall around it. He was mourning for the city and the land of his inheritance. It doesn’t say how many days this went on the word just says “many” days. He was intent.

Wiersbe made this comment…”Too often we plan our projects and ask God to bless them, but Nehemiah didn’t make that mistake. He sat down and wept, he knelt down and prayed, and then he stood up and worked because he knew he had the blessing of the Lord on what he was doing.”

Folks that is what we should all be doing. There is much in the life to be happy about, but there so much to mourn. Do we just sit and wring our hands and say “oh well whats the use?”  We need to determine in our spirits that God is a big God. He will do what He said He would do. He will keep His promises. He will take care of His children. We have that assurance.

So weep for awhile!!

Kneel down and pray!!

Then stand up and go to work!!


God Bless and Happy Trails







What Does “Part Two” Mean?

Years ago I started  blog. I wrote about life on a cattle ranch, raising and homeschooling 4 children. How to be married to a A lot about cooking, quilting and gardening. And also about my walk with the Lord.

Things have changed. Three of the four children are married. We have 4 grandchildren with number 5 due to arrive in May. Youngest son is still at home but in a year or so he will spread his little pigeon wings and fly like the rest. Through a set of circumstances we left the ranch in New Mexico after 20 years it was the hardest thing I believe we have ever done. We moved back to Texas.

I wish I could say the last three years have been easy. But I can’t. It has been different. It has been trying to adjust to a way of life that is totally foreign to us. We left a big big backyard to a small spot in a small town. My husband left a job and a lifestyle that he loved to a job that he tolerates. Have there been blessings? Yes! My husband is healthy! His heart condition through the grace of God and the good doctors that He worked through fixed his heart right up! We own our own home. The town where we live is small and it is safe. We now own a few head of our own cattle. We take care of a small family ranch so it keeps us in the game so to speak. I still garden and raise chickens. I still quilt. And I still cook. Matter of fact I now get paid for it! I cook three days a week on a cattle ranch not far from my home. Just can’t get away from that cooking!

So this is “Part Two”. I don’t know what “Part Two” holds. And I am glad. I am glad that the Lord has all that under control and in His capable hands. I have wondered what will I write about now? Part one was a wild and crazy ride for sure! But then I think just because it is a different life it is still life! And life is sometimes hard, funny, sad and sometimes just goofy. So that is what I wrote about before and that is what I will write about now. And of course I always have an opinion on just about everything.:)

So dear readers….not sure how many if any of you are left out there. But I miss you. Here we go again.

God Bless and Happy Trails

Ranchwife….thought of changing my name but just couldn’t do it!